At Big Splash we expertly train you to communicate to a range of audiences from media to shareholders and community consultations. We will show you how to get it right.

managing the media

Managing the Media

Whenever you interact with the media the stakes are high. Everything you say and do, and the impressions you leave, feed into the journalist’s perceptions and coverage of you and your company.

It is vital to equip yourself – not just to survive an interview – but to make the most of your media appearance as a strategic communications opportunity.

Take control of your own performance and learn the rules of engaging with media by learning simple techniques to manage any situation.

Message Development

Every interview or presentation is a strategic communications opportunity – which needs to have a clearly defined goal.

What do you need people to think, feel or do?

Learn how to prioritise information quickly – and under pressure – to make sure you get your point across in clear compelling language.


Individual Coaching

Nothing improves your communication skills faster than focused one-on-one coaching.

Big Splash uses a powerful combination of proven methodologies and practical exercises, including camera training and roleplays, to swiftly up-skill each executive faced with a range of communications imperatives.

Individual coaching is particularly appealing to senior executives who often prefer to participate in private professional development.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Our tailored media and crisis communications training workshops cover everything from what makes news, message development, handling difficult questions through to navigating the pressure cooker of crisis communications, where every move must be precise and accurate.

Be prepared for an event that could potentially damage your brand and reputation by learning valuable strategies and techniques to manage a crisis.

Big Splash Communications can help you get it right each and every time.

Presentation Skills

Modern presentation techniques have been turned on their head.

In a pressured, time-poor society – and ever-present mobile devices – holding people’s attention during a presentation can be a significant challenge.

Learn how to organize your information effectively and deliver it with punch! Have your presentation remembered for all the right reasons.


Tailored Training

Big Splash Communications can build a bespoke training program to meet your specific requirements. Whether it is to train team members on the art of speech writing to deliver key messages, through to press release writing skills for company announcements, we have the experience, knowledge and adult teaching techniques to professionally deliver valuable communication skills to executives and key staff.